Bicentennial Logo


Download the 2020 Bicentennial Logo (print/web formats)

Simply click on the link (above) to download this ZIP file, containing four formats:
• JPG (Joint Photographic (Experts) Group) format
• PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format
• AI (Adobe Illustrator) format
• EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format 


The Bicentennial Task Force held a competition in the spring of 2019 to compose a hymn that would be used for liturgical settings in all parishes, schools, and campus ministries in the diocese to celebrate the bicentennial. The winner of the competition and the selected hymn will be announced in the fall of 2019. The hymn will be available here for download and distribution at that time. 

Communion and Mission

“Shine like stars in the world, as you hold fast to the word of life” (Phil 2:15–16).

This text, which is the bicentennial motto, illuminates the two vital forces at work in each local Church (diocese): communion and mission. Communion refers to the bonds of fellowship that unite members of the Church to God and to one another. Mission designates the purpose of the Church, which is to proclaim the Good News of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to all people. Communion keeps the Church intact; mission enables the Church to grow.